Heat Up, Or Cool Down

Having your heating and cooling systems at your fingertips is a very smart ‘green’ solution. Beyond the money you will save, the system works more efficiently and you will extend the life of your mechanicals too.

Control4 smart thermostat

Smart Thermostat

The Control4 smart thermostat is one powerhouse little bit of technology. This thermostat is extremely flexible offering up to 6 customizable control points. Additionally, the thermostat can adjust the temperature based on the outdoor temp, time of day, or season. Complete AV can also integrate the NEST smart thermostat.

custom climate control apps

Home or office

The same way you can start your car and let it get toasty warm in the winter, you can turn on the heat or AC on your way home from the airport after being away. While energy efficiency may start at home, there is no reason not to have it at work. Office closed today because of weather? You can instantly change the setting from anywhere so you aren’t wasting money heating an empty office, talk about productivity.

climate control interface

Set the mood

Do you have a gas fireplace in the home? Integrate it on your system with our fireplace switch. Now you can set the mood based on time of day, temperature or as part of a pre-programmed scene. You’re welcome.