Products & Partners

Products & Partners

Sonus Faber

High End Home Theater Speakers

Artisan workmanship is a fundamental value of Sonus faber. The brand’s world-class loudspeakers are an example of excellence in the world of high fidelity sound reproduction. With a focus on home- and car-audio systems of the highest quality and ability, the Sonus faber products are designed to award-winning standards.

The unsurpassed sound quality you get from Sonus faber products is a result of their use of top performance aluminum alloys and precise manufacturing techniques. Sonus faber insists on using the best possible materials so that you can enjoy the best possible sound.

Complete AV works with the industry leader in integration technology Control4. Our clients want components that are intuitive, reliable, and versatile, Control4 products deliver on all fronts. Having a clear automation plan requires having the components and systems integrate with one another. Some companies will mix and match controllers, this can lead to confusion and compatibility issues.

Control4 offers a full line of automation products from switches, to touch screens, video matrices, to security cameras. Your new smart home will display the highest quality picture and sound. More importantly it will function in an intuitive manner. The Control4 interface offers an unparalleled user experience; it’s what our clients demand and what we deliver.

McIntosh labs has a very simple tagline, “Legendary Performance.” This idea permeates every aspect of their products. They have set industry standards for performance, reliability and service. It is this legendary performance that makes their products a perfect choice for our customers.

McIntosh manufactures amplifiers, speakers, receivers, and high-end components. You will hear your music library in a whole new light through a McIntosh system. Whether you are looking for a stand-alone stereo system for the living room, or building out a custom home theater, you want the best sound possible, and McIntosh delivers.

Building a custom home theater, and want the absolute best quality audio? Then you need THX Ultra2 certified components, you need Integra. What exactly does it mean to be THX Ultra2 certified? The THX certification applies to the components not to the recording. It means the audio you are hearing is up to the most stringent industry standards.

Using Integra components in your home theater project will ensure you have the best listening experience possible. Compliment the incredible screen, the comfortable chairs and the mechanical shades with the best theater quality components on the market, Integra.

Almost everyone has heard of SONOS. They offer a plug and play home audio solutions perfect for the average consumer. So what is Complete AV doing selling a consumer based product?  SONOS has the best wireless controller available, and we work with the best.

Adding a SONOS bridge to your automation plan brings the world of streaming music right to your home. Easily stream Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Sirius XM, beatsMUSIC and more. Your system needs to be able to access every bit of available music, not having streaming capability in most instances just isn’t an option. SONOS is a household name for a reason, it is a quality product that delivers and that is why we use it.


Home Theater Furniture

Now that you have designed the perfect home theater system, how are you going to bring it into the room? We don’t recommend going to a big box furniture store and picking out some particle board pieces to assemble yourself. That just won’t do. You want furniture that works with your high end components. Salamander produces specialized furniture designed to satisfy the functional requirements of high-end audio and video components.

Salamander specializes in A/V furniture, pro-audio solutions, TV wall mounts, entertainment seating, and accessories. Their products are built on a high quality extruded aluminum frame featuring infinitely adjustable shelves and plenty of cross ventilation. You won’t find those features on imported furniture.

Triad manufactures a comprehensive line of high-end architectural loudspeakers. If your project requires speakers that are heard, but not seen then these are for you. Triad speakers produce neutral sound which is true to the source, making it a true high-fidelity product.

Nothing that Complete AV installs is cookie cutter, which makes Triad products perfect for our clients. Triad is the sole company designing and manufacturing a comprehensive line of high-end architectural loudspeakers.

Monitor Audio

Monitor Theater Speakers

Whatever your taste and budget you'll discover a Monitor Audio speaker that answers your desire for unrivaled sound quality. Representing the epitome of British loudspeaker design for forty years, Monitor Audio offers impeccable sound quality for music lovers around the globe.

Slimmer design with more elegant cabinets around them, you enjoy class-leading audio performance from speakers that suit any décor and lifestyle. And since they all share a consistency of tonal accuracy Monitor’s on-wall, in-wall, floor or stand-mounting speakers may be mixed for the perfect aesthetic and sonic result in any environment.

Transparent Audio

High End Audio Cables

Beyond the quality of Transparent Audio’s award-winning cable systems, they offer unsurpassed service for personalized music and film entertainment systems in your home. Whether you’re searching for top-of-the-line home entertainment systems or products for a professional recording studio, Transparent Audio is in a class of its own.

Major recording and mastering engineers around the world equip their studios with Transparent Audio cable and power products. Recordings produced by studios that use Transparent Cable have earned over 100 Grammy Awards and many Academy Awards. Want Grammy Award winning quality in your home? Look no further.

QMotion goes beyond industry standards to reach new heights in shading system innovation. QMotion is the exclusive automated window treatment company in the market offering a patented manual override feature, allowing Q products to be operated by hand, remote or a smart device.

Design and decorative options abound in each motorized and non-motorized shade collection. QMotion's window fashions offer a wide range of colors that are as functional as they are stylish. And, of course, silence is among the greatest of QMotion's strengths that you may never have considered.

Looking to lose yourself in music? Denon is the premium manufacturer of audio, video, home theater, headphones and wireless music systems. They offer everything you need to enhance your entertainment, and surround yourself with the highest quality audio reproduction on the market.

A Denon system will transport you from an ordinary moment into an extraordinary experience of multidimensional sound. Hi-Fi speakers, multi-room systems, world-class headphones? With almost endless sources for new music--online and streaming--you’ll discover plenty of new favorites to enjoy with your Denon products.

United Leather

Home Theater Seating

No matter the project, United Leather offers the highest quality full-grain leather cinema-style seating. With over twenty stylish options, nothing surpasses the luxury, comfort, and satisfaction of the United Leather furniture portfolio.

Each collection is composed of several sectional elements (including chairs, loveseats and a variety of arm sizes), which can be combined together to form almost any combination of curved or straight rows. Most of the cinema collections have complimentary seating in the living room catalogue, so you can have that matching sofa with your luxurious row of cinema seating.

You can now purchase the same award-winning Parasound products that the professionals use at work and in their homes. From Lucasfilm to Sony Pictures, Oliver Stone to Kanye West, those that require the highest quality sound trust Parasound to get the job done.

You will enjoy revolutionary sound in any room in your home with Parasound. The appearance of Parasound products is not diminished in the least by mounting them in a standard equipment rack. Gain everything in sound quality without forfeiting anything in aesthetics with Parasound.

Lilin is a global pioneer of CCTV and IP video manufacturing. The UK-based company provides network video solutions and expertise in digital, IP & network video and analogue CCTV. It only makes sense to protect your home or office with the highest quality security products that are offered.

Successful solutions come about only when you understand how all the pieces fit together. Whether it involves components or setup, Lilin engineers and sales professionals work hand-in-hand to bring about successful long-term solutions for all your security needs.

Lutron is a technology-centered and people-driven company. As a private corporation guided by our founder’s simple but profound Five Principles, Lutron has a long history of significant growth and smart innovations.